Friday, April 20, 2007

speechless and selfish...

there are moments when people leave you speechless. and sometimes they're good. sometimes it's a warm and fuzzy and deep and intense moment--a kiss, a compliment, an award, a surprise. and sometimes they're terrible. a betrayal, a disappointment, a tragic event.

and twice in the past twenty four hours I have been left speechless.

I wish I could tell you it was for a good reason. I can't deny there's been some nice kissing, and I did get a pretty swell office earlier this week.

but twice now, people have been really selfish. and it made me, as they'd say in mary poppins, be a codfish.

now, don't get me wrong, this isn't the pot calling the kettle black. it is okay to be selfish. there are times and ways to make it okay. right now i'm being selfish in my person life, quite honestly. but there are also wrong ways.

the most recent offense, I'm not really gonna mention. but sometimes people should be less caught up in themselves. besides, this one wasn't really that big of a deal.

the one I found out about yesterday--hold the phone. a friend of mine has a new friend, a couple. she knows them pretty well and they spend a lot of time together. and yesterday the man in the couple, who is married, his on her. like hard core thought they were gonna fool around. sent her an email about submarines that she didn't get at the time, but fully understands now...and when she was like, uh, what?!? he was all "yeah, you knew what I wanted, don't play dumb," and stuff like that. what about his wife? how disrespectful of both of them! and how selfish of him. shame on him! for shame!!! she thought of this guy almost like a father. and he thought it was okay to behave like that. and then he had the nerve to accuse her of leading him on. what the hell?!?

so, yeah, codfish. seriously. maybe he'll get a bad haircut...if he has any left, the asshole. and also, ew.



Anonymous said...

disappointments are a fact of life. should make it easier to swallow when it happens, but it doesn't.

some people are just schmucks.

The Tom Brady of Oceanography said...

You can and should be selfish in your personal life -- there is a virtue to selfishness -- but you can be selfish and NOT disrespect other people. Selfishness is not exclusive from being open and honest, but also from understanding how your actions might impact others.