Monday, June 18, 2007

"seriously, do we have to teach a class or something?"


so, it's been awhile since the last post. work has been sucking away my will to live. and eat. and type out blog posts. it's enough to keep up with one...and now I find myself posting on what, five? oopsie.

anyhoodle, so, last saturday I got my hair cut. and I mean like whacked, chopped off, etc. like, oh 9-10 inches-ish? I'm donating it, sorta, but that's a long story. here's the important part: anyone with a penis seems to have a high propensity for being an idiot when a girl cuts off her hair.

some of 'em? spot on. saying exactly what they should.
"sweet haircut."
"I see you got your hair cut."
"hey, I just noticed--you cut your hair! when did you do that?"
"you got your hair cut--do you like it?"

all of these are good. some of 'em even allow you to not actually weigh in on your like/dislike of the cut.

others? not so much. I so desperately want to scream at people who say things like
"wow. that's drastic!"
"why'd you do that?"


the strangest part of all though was that someone, one of my boyfriend's friends (yes, I said boyfriend!), wanted mad props for noticing. I mean, sure, I don't see him all the time. And some of his friends didn't even realize it. But I'm like, "what, you want a cookie?!?"

apparently, he does. do they make it in shut-the-hell-up flavor? maybe I should invent a recipe for that. ;)


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Busty Brunette said...

Um yes...actually I believe we DO have to teach a class...because I have been with my BF for nearly 4 years...and he STILL DOESN'T GET IT!

Either that, or he flat out doesn't care if he gets it or not.

Men are pigs.