Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Light At The End of the Tunnel...

So, from the statcounter, I can see our readership has fallen off.. likely b/c we're not blogging on here.. Blame that on healthy relationships, too many "love interests" getting the address (b/c who wants to blog about someone when you know they're reading it). Whatever. At any rate, I want to blog so I shall.

So, Mr. Ex and I are back together...and better than ever. I dont even know if blogged about us getting back together. Hmph.. Well.. we did. He fucked up and admitted it. I admitted my stuff, too. (I mean I wish I was innocent but two way streets..yada yada). Okay, well... lately, the issue isnt one of unhappiness, but more just timing. and waiting.

For all those interested, Mr. Ex and I have a long distance relationship. It works out. I mean.. we're in a comfortable place, we trust each other, and we accumulate airline miles. That said, to have a long distance relationship that works, doesnt there have to be a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak? I mean.. why would one get INTO a long distance relationship unless the goal was to not always be long distance, right?

Well, that's what I think at least.

Mr. Ex is finishing his education- grad school- this year in the long distance location. I almost moved there when he did, but ended up getting a great job here that was impossible to leave. He was bummed when I found out I wouldnt be moving there with him. Afterall, his program is only a year. I was flattered that he was bummed.

However, somewhere, sometime, I feel like something changed. Why? Well, b/c of this conversation.. (keep in mind I picked and chose the parts I wanted to include)

Me: I wish I didnt have to sign my lease for another YEAR from now. Ugh.
Him: Why? I'll be there at least another year, right?
Me: *perplexed* Um.. well.....*stammering* Yeah, I dont know..
Him: What?
Me: Well, I dunno.. When you're done, do you not want to try to live in the same least by this time next year maybe?

*conversation....ending with..
Him: I dont know if I'm ready for that.

READY FOR WHAT?! Um.. dumbass, you have a great, cute, smart, fabulous girlfriend who you fought relentlessly for to get back....only to be freaked out about living in the same city?!

Moral is.. Now, I'm confused.. but in love, too. Confused and in love sucks. balls. as a combo.

We're very much in love....and it's not b/c I'm in denial.. haha... Seriously... But, just b/c he's freaked a little about futuristic things, I know I should give him some time. B/c I love him. However, how long is too long?

Long distance love is actually working....but the question is...what way will the airline miles cease? Moving to the same place or something I'd rather not think about....

Brainy Blonde, overanalytical as usual. You know you missed me.

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Busty Brunette said...

i miss all u guys blogging. u suck for not.

how long is too long? only u can answer that mi amiga.